The bad air
I have just heard on the news that at least 9,000 people die in London every year because of air pollution. Apparently, London is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The air quality is terrible here on some days, and you will feel that you really struggle for breath. I used to ride my bike into Blackheath escorts of but I had to stop as the air quality in my local area is so bad that it can be hazardous for you. So, what can be done about the bad air quality in London? I think it is about time that we took some extreme measures when it comes to air quality in London. Some inner cities around the world have banned cars and I keep on wondering if it is about time that we did so as well. A friend of mine at Blackheath escorts has recently developed asthma and she was told it was directly linked car exhaust fumes. Apparently diesel cars are the worst offenders when it comes to exhaust pollution. The other thing that I think that we should do is to plant more trees. I know that we have a lot of parks and green spaces around London, but we need more trees to cope with the pollution levels. One of the girls that I work with at Blackheath escorts has told me that we need the right kind of trees. Apparently there are some trees which are better at tackling pollution than others and we should be planting more of them. In some cities where this has been done, air pollution has improved and cases of asthma has been reduced. Did you know that if all Londoners planted up a window box, air quality would improve? I have told my friends at Blackheath escorts to plant up window boxes and to make sure that they look after them. They do not need to add complicated plants to their window boxes. Ivy is a great plant which helps to reduce air pollution and so do conifers. Herbs are good, and you want to make sure that your window contains both lavender and rosemary. When I was young, air pollution was not such a big deal in London. But there are so many cars in London now that it is difficult to control. I know that I should really be striving to move out of London but I do enjoy living here. It is not only the fact that I enjoy living in London that keeps me going. Working for Blackheath escorts is a great job and I enjoy doing that as well. Like they say, you have to go to where your heart lives, and my heart lives in London. Hopefully the new mayor will put in some pollution control measures and we will see a greener and healthier London in a couple of years’ time. That would be good for all of us and make us a lot healthier than we are today.
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