What is Modern Love?

One of my best friends who used to work at our London escorts recently left to get married. She met this guy on Facebook and decided that he was the right man for her even before they met in person. I was totally shocked. Prior to that she had been such a nice sensible girl, but as soon as they met on Facebook , she seemed to lose the plot. She even travelled up to Scotland to meet this guy without telling the rest of us girls at London escorts.

The way we encounter love has certainly changed a lot since social media got popular. A few of the girls who work for our charlotte escorts service seem to think that the best way to meet a man these days is over social media. I am not sure about that at all. From what I have learned during my London escorts career, I have come to appreciate how important it is to have physical connect as well as an emotional connection. It is what most people long for when it comes down to it.

I think that we have made ourselves appear more distant to each other with the onset of social media. A few of the men that I have met at London escorts have tried to use social media to find like minded girls. Unfortunately most of them have been unsuccessful. When I stop and think about it, not having been able to find a partner is the top reason why these men date London escorts in the first place. They have a need to have a companion in their life.

Finding a partner in modern day London is more difficult than it has ever been. I have been living in London for ten years now. During that time I have noticed that many of the girls I grew up with in a little village in Devon have been able to find their perfect partner, but not me. You would have thought that you would have more opportunities to find the right man for you in the big city, but I am not sure that is true at all. Working for London escorts does not help as you work such unsociable hours.

Yes, I would love to find the perfect man for me but I am not under any illusions that I am going to find him on Facebook. Compared to the other girls at London escorts, I really do not have so many social media accounts. It is not something that does a lot for me at all, and I am pretty sure that I will not really be interested. When I am ready to find the right man for me, I may even move back to my village in Devon. It will be my way to start again and leave London escorts behind me. I have started to plan for my future and I hope to be back in Devon within the next couple of years. Maybe my Prince Charming will be waiting for me.

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